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Active Wheelchairs

Neon 2 Active Wheelchair

  • Max User weight 140kg
  • Seat Depth 34 - 50cm
  • Seat Width 30 - 50cm
  • Seat Hight Front 35 - 57cm
  • Seat Height Rear 33 - 53cm
  • Backrest Height 25 - 47.5cm
  • 32 Frame Colours
  • Chair Weight 11.0kg

For years Quickie manual wheelchairs have led the market with High-End Innovation & developments in technology for the Active User. For the first time, we're proud to roll this technology down to the midrange.

Bursting with personality, the lightweight and affordable Neon² provides an energy efficient ride that you’ll never want to be without. The sleek, effortlessly foldable open-frame fits easily into the smallest car.

Paint your personality all over the Neon² with a beautiful selection of colours for the frame, upholstery trims, wheels and forks. When you’re done customising,
it’s not just the wheels that turn, heads will too!

At the heart of the Neon2 is a reinforced open-frame. The strength of the cross-brace and seat tubes provide our most rigid driving performance in a folding wheelchair. The unique design reduces the flex of the wheelchair when in motion, all without sacrificing the benefits of a folding frame.

The unique open-rear of the frame allows for very compact space saving dimensions. The swing away legrests not only ensure easy transfers in and out of your wheelchair, they’re removable too. Combine it with the optional half folding back and what you have is an extremely compact package!

The durable aluminium axle-stem allows for simple adjustments to the rear seat height and centre-of-gravity. Need to adjust the backrest angle? It‘s just as easy via the aluminium backrest bracket.

From £1,645 ex VAT


Quickie Life F Active Wheelchair

  • Available as a fixed front or swing-away, the QUICKIE Life F can cater for a number of needs and requirements in a foldable wheelchair. The Life F utilises a long established design that is proven to provide a very robust wheelchair and energy efficient set ups and is only 11.5kg.
  • Get the right seating angle for you with the optional angle-adjustable back that can be adjusted from -12° to +12° (in 4° increments).
  • The durable and robust foldable wheelchair.
  • Backrest angle adjustment.
  • With the Life foldable wheelchair, you can get the wheelchair setup that you need, all without new parts! Alter the centre of gravity to make your wheelchair more stable or active, change the rear seat height and increase/decrease the bucket or even increase the wheel camber from 0° to 4°!
  • Seat with and depth: 36-50cm

From £1,320 ex VAT

Xenon Fixed Frame Active Wheelchair

  • Easy folding and lightweight lifting
  • Innovative flat folding cross brace
  • The lightest folding wheelchair in the world.

At just under 8.4kg and with an innovative cross brace, Xenon is easy to fold, lift and transport. It's been cleverly designed to create the kind of minimalistic style that you'd expect from a rigid wheelchair. With a sporty, elegant design and innovative technology, the Xenon is a folding wheelchair that provides a lightweight energy efficient driving and handling experience.

The innovative cross brace makes folding easy and has been cleverly designed to provide all the style of a rigid wheelchair. Fitting neatly under the seat, the cross brace is barely noticeable, giving a very minimalistic, open frame look and feel with all the benefits of a folding wheelchair.

The dynamic folding wheelchair system supports easy one hand opening, simply press one lever to enable quick and hassle-free transfers. The innovative and patented locking system locks the chair in the folded position making the Xenon easy to handle, provides the smallest possible folding package and can also be used by people without finger function.

Weighing just under 6.0kg without its quick release wheels, the ultra-lightweight folding Xenon has revolutionised how easy wheelchair lifting and transporting should be.

From £2,415 ex VAT


Argon 2 Active Wheelchair

  • Strong and reliable design
  • Hand bike approved
  • Infinity adjustable centre of gravity a wide range adjustments allows you to fine tune your performance

The new Argon² is the ideal combination of a rigid performing and multi-adjustable wheelchair. These functional characteristics are built in the modern looking open frame design. The wide range of adjustment possibilities allows you to fine tune your performance. It's the ideal wheelchair for users who are developing their driving capabilities over time and require more active chair settings. This ensures the best driving performance now and in the future.

From £2,145 ex VAT

HeliX2 Active Wheelchair

HeliX² - the configurable, adaptive wheelchair that combines the strength of the RubiX² with a variety of active lifestyle options (including a choice of lightweight wheels, castors and tyres, optional angle adjustable backrest and tension adjustable back sling and back height adjustment). Also, the angle-adjustable castor fork is positioned outwards, to help maximise legroom.

From £1,271 ex VAT


Rogue Active Wheelchair

  • Transport Weight 10.6lbs
  • Seat Width 12"-20"
  • Seat Depth 12"-20"
  • Transport Weight 10.6lbs/4.8kg
  • Seat Width 12"-20"/ 305-508mm
  • Seat Depth 12"-20"/ 305-508mm
  • Front Seat Height 13.5" - 23"/342-584mm
  • Rear Seat Height 12.5" - 22"/318-559mm
  • Tubing Size 1 3/8"/34.5mm
  • Weight Capacity 275lbs/124kg

 The Rogue experience introduces you to state-of-the-art design, innovation and the highest level of responsiveness, with precision handling felt with every turn and push. Quality construction and finite adjustment ensures that it can fit your needs and ambitions. At 10.6lbs Rogue moves with you around every corner and across ever street with minimal effort.


The Rogue has the ideal combination of vibration dampening and rigidity

It is incredibly lightweight at 10.6lbs. The integrated back locking mechanism makes transportation easy.

The backrest release cable is patented with Spinergy spoke technology. 30,000 fiber strands inside each cable ensure it will not become loose or stretch over time

The tower and side frame adjustment is hidden inside the clamping tower system so that it is out of sight until you actually need it.

From £1495.00 ex VAT


Catalyst 5VX Active Wheelchair

  • Standard weight 24lbs/10.8kg
  • Seat Width 14"-22"/356-559mm
  • Seat Depth 14"-20"/356-508mm
  • Front Seat Height 13.5"-21"/ 343-533mm
  • Rear Seat Height 12"-20"/304-508mm
  • Top Frame Tubing Size 1" /25.4mm
  • Bottom Frame Tubing Size 1.125"/28.6mm
  • Weight Capacity 205lbs/350lbs/113-159kg

The Catalyst 5VX is a lightweight and durable folding wheelchair and has all the options you need to achieve the best possible fit.


The Catalyst offers the option of a swing away front end featuring the patented footrests or 70 or 80 degree fixed frames. The swing away hangers come in 4 bends (60,70,80 & 90) and are light and easy to use. The fixed frames can simplify transfers and offer a classic look that may appeal to active individuals.

The vertical axel plate offers three positions of centre of gravity and five vertical seat height adjustment.

The back upholstery options help support both the trunk and pelvis with virtually infinite adjustment of velcro straps. Adjustment is easy and enables users to accommodate a wide range of back support needs as they change over time.

The simple and strong patented swing-away footrests have a tapered attachment that keep the footrests snug and rattle free.

From £1,295.00 ex VAT


Helium Exo Pro Next Generation Wheelchair

The fully-welded and ultra-lightweight with the highest level of rigidity

Minimal, ultra-lightweight and completely refreshed, discover the next level of high-performance wheelchair with the QUICKIE Helium Pro. With a fully-welded frame and fixed welded backrest and axle, the Helium Pro provides the highest rigidity and most efficient driving performance yet for a rigid wheelchair. Starting from an impressive, ultra-lightweight 6.4 kg, the Helium Pro is uncompromised rigidity and unparalleled wheelchair performance.

Prefer a steeper seat angle? The new 88° wheelchair frame angle (option) not only provides you with better positioning, it also gives your Helium Pro a sleeker, more active look - and a more compact than ever wheelchair frame! With your legs positioned further back, you'll have greater space at the front of your Helium Pro for tighter turning circles - especially when taking advantage of the depth adjustment of the re-designed carbon footplate for a closer foot position. Plus, the shorter frame also makes the ultra-lightweight Helium Pro more portable during stowage.

The innovative Freestyle Back (option) not only enhances your trunk stability, it gives you a 360 degree range of upper body motion from your wheelchair (without the restriction that's usually caused by back canes). Providing you with greater access to the rear wheels, you're able to maximise the efficiency of every push you make. It also Increases access to the environment around you, so your usual day-to-day activities become a lot easier.

To create the QUICKIE Helium Pro, they have used premium frame materials like aerospace-grade aluminium and innovative processes to heat-treat the aluminium and increase its strength. This allows the frame's tube walls to be thinner, lighter and stronger than a conventional wheelchair. The result is the QUICKIE Helium Pro - an astonishingly ultra-lightweight wheelchair with a starting weight of just 6.4 kg. But it's not just about weight, the Helium Pro is also incredibly strong and durable, supporting a maximum user weight of 125 kg!

It has also been Crash Tested for added peace of mind

From £2,295 ex VAT*