Specialist Department
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Ableworld Specialist Team

The Ableworld Specialist Team are highly trained with over 25 years' experience between them, so you can be sure they know how to respond to your unique situation and find the equipment that suits your needs, for your independence.


Our Team includes:

Louise Mason

Lead Specialist Mobility Adviser covering Cheshire, North Wales and the Wirral

[email protected]

To date Lou has attended over 80 training sessions relating to specialist equipment and has played a key role in the development of the Specialist Department. Together with a leading manufacturer Lou has developed her own specialist chair and along with the Countess of Cheshire Hospital developed a Community Cushion.

Lou’s infectious enthusiasm and empathy with her clients means that she gets on well with the many deserving cases she deals with every month. From helping young people with Cerebral Palsy to people with complex disabilities and mental health.




Amy Humphreys

Specialist Mobility Adviser covering Staffordshire, Shropshire and Derbyshire

[email protected]

Amy has previously worked in the Health and Social Care sector, supporting individuals with complex needs as well as being a retained Firefighter for North Wales Fire and Rescue. Since joining Ableworld, Amy has completed extensive on the job training, and has had multiple training sessions with Reps from all over the country, in which she's gained invaluable knowledge.

Amy finds her job incredibly rewarding and it never ceases to amaze her that by finding the right equipment can change someone's life drastically.




Our Specialist's can be found in a number of our stores and are also available for home demonstrations around our Specialist Store Locations.