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Paediatric Wheelchairs

Gill 4 Seating System

The Gill 4 system is designed to meet the needs of wheelchair users who have an inability to maintain a symmetrical and unsupported sitting posture. It has a Dynamic backrest which permits the user to extend safely, whilst ensuring that the posture is returned to neutral rather than allowing the user to adopt a poor sitting position.The Gill 4 is fully adjustable allowing the seat to grow with the individual, thereby continuing to meet postural need whilst also ensuring cost effectiveness seating solution.

The gill 4 can be fitted to different wheelbases such as:  

  • Invicta power wheelchair base
  • Discovery wheelbase
  • Spider home frame
  • Glider hi low base


  • One piece dynamic seating system
  • Modular design in three sizes
  • Adjustable for growth
  • Unique dynamic resistance push
  • Choice of upholstery colours
  • Machine washable covers
  • Ability to interface into a number of base units
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for transportation

From £2,421.00 ex VAT



The Simba's eye catching looks combine simplicity and effectiveness all in one design. It has been designed to meet an individual's postural needs with a practical design for daily family living. A versatile buggy that is available in two sizes with a full range of accessories to complement the many standard features.The single hand operated release makes folding the buggy simple and quick to do. The simplicity also extends to the single hand operated tilt lever located in a comfortable and easy to reach position at the push bar.


  • Tilt in Space - The Simba has a continuous tilt in space range from 10° to 48° to suit an individual's requirements  
  • Backrest Extension (optional extra) - Backrest height can be increased by adding a back support extension
  • The Simba folds quickly and easily in one simple operation to a compact size for either transportation or storage
  • Lateral Thoracic Support (optional extra) - For additional trunk support and security, it's easily adjustable in height and width
  • Seat and Pelvic Supports - Stable support base which is width and depth adjustable
  • Foot Supports - Height adjustable and flip up allow for easy transfers

From £2173 ex VAT




A lightweight and easy to fold frame makes the Clip a popular choice for users and carers.

  • Seatback positions available through the ingenious use of zippers 

  • Seatback and seat have aluminium bars for rigidity contouring
  • Breathable upholstery and 8” (20 cm) solid wheels with brakes

  • Footrest is detachable and height adjustable


  • Available in four sizes
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Semi rigid backrest with three recline positions 
  • All sizes crash tested

Accessories available

  • Side supports for the trunk
  • Adjustable Headrest
  • Vest harness
  • Five point harness
  • Five point vest harness
  • Leg straps for abduction
  • Seat belt
  • Pelvic belt
  • Canopy
  • Thermal cover
  • Rain cover to be fixed to the 819 canopy

From £1,070.00 ex VAT



The Lightning is a lightweight, highly functional paediatric mobility base designed with a recreational look that compliments today’s lifestyle. The Lightning is an innovative buggy specifically constructed to be extremely rugged and especially convenient for transport and storage due to its easy to operate Stand & Fold feature. For function, performance and durability in a comprehensive package, the Lightning is an excellent choice.


  • Seat depth adjustable for growth 
  • Heavy duty upholstery
  • 30° fixed tilt
  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Height adjustable push handle
  • Easily folds to a compact size
  • Crash tested

The Lightning buggy supplied with the following standard equipment:

  • Five point harness
  • Swing away footrests with heel loops and ankle cuffs
  • Headrest extension
  • Headrest pad
  • Sun canopy
  • Height adjustable push handles
  • Transport tie down kit
  • Storage basket 

 From £850.00 ex VAT


Bug Modular adjustable Seating System

The tilt-in-space seat that grows with your child

  • The only one with a tilt-in-space system incorporated in the seat after removing or transferring the seat, you don’t need to reposition the posture.
  • Adjustments can be easily operated by one hand
  • Can be placed on three bases and on every flat surface
  • Outdoor bases with puncture proof wheels
  • light and easy to push on every surface
  • Independent drum brakes
  • Directional locks and shock absorbers.
  • Four wheel base front 17cm, back 25cm, (size one two) 30cm (size three four)
    jogger three wheel base front 17 cm back 30 cm with hand brake
  • Indoor base height adjustable
  • Hi-low feeder base only for indoor use
  • Easy and safe to use thanks to a mechanism with a gas spring and a pedal

From £1,299.00 ex VAT


Kanga Paediactric Tilt in Space Wheelchair

The Kanga Wheelchair is a lightweight, aluminium tilt-in-space paediatric chair designed for children with mild to moderate positioning needs.

It is bus transportable and can be folded for easy transportation and storage, and has been designed with a built-in growth frame for maximum flexibility.

  • Durable lightweight aluminium frame
  • Built-in growth frame is width adjustable
  • Height and angle adjustable flip back armrests
  • Height adjustable push handles


• Durable lightweight aluminium frame

• Built-in growth frame is width adjustable and can be configured for 25cm (10"), 30cm (12") and 36cm (14"). Seating system and positioning accessories must be changed accordingly

• Height and angle adjustable flip back armrests to facilitate side transfers

• Height adjustable push handles to suit attendant requirements

• Tilt-in-Space up to 45° provides pressure relief and more positioning options

• 15cm (6") adjustable seat depth to suit user requirements

• Seat to back angle adjustment allows the user to find their most comfortable position

• Angled seat to prevent forward sliding for added safety of the child

• Swing away, height adjustable footrests with foot and ankle positioner to assist transfers

• Angle adjustable footplates provide comfortable support for legs and feet

• 51cm (20") rear semi pneumatic quick-release wheels

• Frame accommodates most custom rehab seating and positioning systems

• Curb assist levers to support mounting curbs

• Height adjustable anti-tippers provide stability and security

• Crash tested and meets bus transit requirements

• Folds for easy storage and transportation

From £1299.00 ex VAT

Trotter Pushchair

The Trotter is available with a variety of accessories, including headrest and headrest wing, bag, tray, vest, canopy, straps, tie downs and positioners.

• Height and width adjustable headrest

• Zippered bag is useful for storing essentials

• Vest provides support and maintains proper body posture


• The black nylon Headrest Extension is width and height adjustable

• It provides additional head support for taller users

• Can be used on bus transit models to help prevent head whiplash during rear end collision

• The Padded Headrest Wing is height adjustable, providing lateral support for the head

• The zippered Utility Bag hooks onto the back of the Trotter mobility chair

• The Upper Extremity Support Tray features a safety lip and is easy to clean

• The tray provides trunk stabilization and is useful for feeding

• The adjustable Full Torso Vest provides support and maintains proper body posture and alignment. It replaces the “H” Harness

• The height adjustable and removable Canopy provides protection from sun or rain and includes a clear flap covered observation panel

• The adjustable and removable Lateral Support & Scoli Strap provides lateral support. It can be pulled to one side for Scoliosis correction

• The Foot & Ankle Positioner straps provide adjustable support and positioning

• The four Bus Transit Tie-Downs allow the Trotter to be used for transit

From £699.00 ex VAT